Seasson Vitiello

SDr. Vitiello is an Associate Professor in the biology department at Augustana College, where she teaches Genetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Signaling, and more. Her research lab is located in the Froiland Science Center on the Augustana Campus.

Dr. Vitiello is fascinated by molecular genetics and the molecular underpinnings of the cell. She brings authentic research into her classes and inclusive excellence into both teaching and research. In addition to molecular genetics laboratory research, she actively pursues pedagogical research in her undergraduate classes in order to understand how service learning contributes to students’ scientific identity, sense of belonging, and learning.

Contact Information for Seasson Vitiello:
Seasson Phillips Vitiello, Ph.D.
Augustana College Biology Department
2001 S. Summit Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
(605) 274-5525