Lab News

June 2018 Substance abuse is especially undesirable among pregnant or parenting women. Emily Griese’s research team recently identified positive social and cultural factors influencing substance abuse recovery rates among pregnant or parenting women. These new findings were published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. "Cultural and social predictors of substance abuse recovery among American Indian and non-American Indian pregnant and parenting women"

May 2018 Emily Griese was elected to the Epic Cosmos Governing board along with five other national members and key Epic leadership. This board will assist in determining Epic’s direction for data sharing around their nearly 200 million patient data repository (the largest to date) with a focus towards leveraging data for healthcare research and innovation.

May 2018 Emily Griese was an invited panelist at the World Health Congress in Washington DC. Dr. Griese presented on next generation tools to predict risk and progression in population health.

March 2018 A recent article authored by Emily Griese and Benson Hsu appeared in the Harvard Business Review highlighting how the Sanford Data Collaborative continues to push forward innovation and leverage healthcare data to improve our communities health. Read the article here:

March 2018 Emily Griese published a research manuscript with DenYelle Kenyon in Cultural Studies of Science Education on the evaluation of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. A culturally-based theoretical model, the Circle of Courage, was used to analyze academic and professional development of Native students. Cultivating Native American scientists: an application of an Indigenous model to an undergraduate research experience”

February 2018 Emily Griese presented a talk titled "Collaboration and innovation: pushing forward data-driven population health" at the South Dakota State University Data Science Symposium in Brookings.  The talk highlighted the Sanford Data Collaborative and various other internal and external collaborations pushing forward innovation in how data is leveraged to develop value-based care needs.

November 2017 The Sanford Data Collaborative was featured in MED magazine, highlighting the 2016-2017 projects and their potential for impact in patient care.

October 2017 Dr. Emily Griese was an invited speaker at the Sanford Quality Improvement Symposium in Fargo, ND. The title of her talk was "Collaboration and Innovation: Pushing Forward Data-Driven Population Health."

August 2017 Drs. Emily Griese, Benson Hsu and David Pearce authored a commentary published in South Dakota Medicine discussing the innovative infrastructure of the Sanford Data Collaborative, a first-of-its-kind health care data sharing initiative to evaluate and transform health care delivery. “Data sharing: leading data-driven population health”.

August 2017 Drs. Emily Griese and Jill Weimer authored a research article published in South Dakota Medicine investigating student attitudes regarding science and participation in informal science experiences. "Midwest science festival: exploring students' and parents' participation in and attitudes toward science".

July 2017 Dr. Emily Griese attended the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Partnership Institute at the University of Washington at Seattle. The Institute is part of a two year fellowship focused on building expertise in health services research.

March 2017 Emily Griese, PhD, and DenYelle Kenyon, PhD, published a research article in the Journal for Diversity in Higher Education. By assessing the mentor-mentee relationship of participants in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) at Sanford Research, this study found that mentor beliefs impact student learning outcomes which underscores the important role of mentors for American Indian undergraduates."A research experience for American Indian undergraduates: Utilizing an actor-partner interdependence model to examine the student-mentor dyad".

February 2017, Emily Griese, PhD, presented an invited workshop to students and faculty of the Center for Brain and Behavior Research. The title of her workshop was "Childhood Trajectories of Risk and Resilience: Considering Context and Culture"

August 2016, Dr. Griese, Dr. Kenyon and Tracey McMahons had a paper published in American Indian and Alaska Native Metnal Health Research.The paper was titled, "Identifying Sexual Health Protective Factors among Northern Plains American Indian Youth: An Ecological Approach Utilizing Multiple Perspectives". Findings indicated that family, school, and culture were important sources of resilience, providing a better understanding of how various systems may buffer AI youth from involvement in risky sexual behavior.

August 2016, Dr. Griese presented her study, Impact of Residential Treatment on Maternal-Child Health, as part of the CRCAIH pilot grants presentation series.

August 2016, Dr. Griese attended the American Psychological Association conference in Denver, CO. She presented her pilot grant data on maternal-child outcomes post substance abuse treatment.