Lab News

May 2018 DenYelle Kenyon attended the Introduction to Social Network Analysis workshop in Philadelphia, PA.This workshop provides an introduction to doing research on social networks.

March 2018  DenYelle Kenyon presented on the MyJourney curriculum at a Sexual Education Summit serving communities in Mission, Rosebud and Parmalee, SD.The MyJourney curriculum promotes healthy, balanced decision making around sexual health with the intention to reduce unintended teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

March 2018 DenYelle Kenyon published a research manuscript with Emily Griese in Cultural Studies of Science Education on the evaluation of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. A culturally-based theoretical model, the Circle of Courage, was used to analyze academic and professional development of Native students. “Cultivating Native American scientists: an application of an Indigenous model to an undergraduate research experience”

March 2018 DenYelle Kenyon presented “Support for American Indian college student educational persistence” at the Sanford PROMISE Community Lecture Series. DenYelle gave a glimpse of social science public health research and careers, educational disparities for American Indian populations and described the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, including theory and promising results with an overview of their social network analysis study.

February 2018 DenYelle Kenyon traveled to Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate with members of the Population Health group to meet with CRCAIH tribal partners, discuss grant planning and work on a pregnancy health survey. CRCAIH (The Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health) serves as the foundation of a tribal research infrastructure for transdisciplinary research teams to examine social and environmental influences on American Indian health.

January 2018 Drs. DenYelle Kenyon and Jessica Hanson are serving on the advisory board for the University of Iowa’s Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network project investigating factors and strategies to increase HPV vaccination rates in rural Iowa counties.
January 2018 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon traveled to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe to train teachers and other public health partners to use the MyJourney curriculum.  MyJourney was developed by Dr. Kenyon to promote healthy, balanced decision making around sexual health with the intention to reduce unintended teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
December 2017 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon was accepted to attend the Mid-Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar hosted by the Association of American Medical Colleges in Scottsdale, AZ.  The seminar covered leadership topics and skills such as interpersonal communication, finances, and collaborations.  
Novemeber 2017 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon gave an invited presentation to the Department of Community & Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa on evaluation methods.

October 2017 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon completed a review for NIH, National Institute for Minority Health and Disparities panel for "Interventions for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Native American Populations."

September 2017 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon received a non-research grant sub award for her project titled "Prescription Drug Overdose Data Driven Prevention Initiative".

September 2017 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon along with Alyson Becker and Char Green-Maximo presented on the evaluation process for the STI TPPO program at the 2017 Great Plains Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference. Representatives from four regional tribal nations, Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Health Board, and LSS were in attendance.

June 2017 Dr. DenYelle Kenyon presented "Providing a model for STI and teen pregnancy prevention with tribal communities: Building on lessons learned" at the FYSB Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Grantee conference.

March 2017 DenYelle Kenyon, PhD, presented "Establishing the Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health" at the National Congress of American Indians - Policy Research Center, Quarterly Tribal Research Partners Webinar.

March 2017 DenYelle Kenyon, PhD, and Emily Griese, PhD, published a research article in the Journal for Diversity in Higher Education. By assessing the mentor-mentee relationship of participants in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) at Sanford Research, this study found that mentor beliefs impact student learning outcomes which underscores the important role of mentors for American Indian undergraduates."A research experience for American Indian undergraduates: Utilizing an actor-partner interdependence model to examine the student-mentor dyad".