Lab News

June 2018

Reconstruction and repair of oral cavity wounds following surgery can create unique challenges. Chad Spanos found that use of porcine urinary bladder matrix as a scaffold was well-tolerated during a diverse numbers of oral cavity reconstructive surgeries with low risk of postoperative complications. These findings were recently published in Wounds. "Oral cavity reconstruction outcomes using a porcine urinary bladder matrix: a retrospective case series"

May 2018

Chad Spanos was a co-author on a clinical research manuscript published in Head & Neck finding that topical administration of superoxide dismutase only had limited benefits in decreased post-radiation fibrosis in patients with head and neck cancer. “Topical superoxide dismutase in post treatment fibrosis in patients with head and neck cancer”

February 2018

Dr. Chad Spanos attended the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ.  This symposium highlights breakthroughs in head and neck cancer care.  The Sanford Health MISP study was highlighted in the Immunotherapy Advances in Head and Neck Cancer Session, and the Sanford team was recognized as leaders in this field.