Lab Members


Peter Vitiello
Peter has been researching molecular responses to oxidative stress for 15 years and is interested in understanding how atmospheric chemicals influence lung development and disease. After graduating from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Science in biology, he obtained a PhD in toxicology in the Department of Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Peter continued as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Currently, he is an assistant scientist in the Environmental Influences on Health and Disease Group and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine.
Cassandra Aegerter
Cassie is a laboratory technician and has worked in the Vitiello laboratory since 2016. After graduating from Augustana University with a Bachelor of Arts in biology, she worked as a nursing assistant before joining the Vitiello laboratory. Cassie manages the daily operation of the laboratory and oversees the animal colony. She is currently investigating thioredoxin signaling in nervous and endocrine tissues.

Bethany Mordhorst
Bethany joined the Vitiello laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow in fall 2017. In her PhD dissertation research she studied metabolic programming of donor cells for use in somatic cell nuclear transfer under Dr. Randy Prather at the University of Missouri. She completed her Master of Science at North Dakota State University under Dr. Kimberly Vonnahme researching the impacts of maternal nutrition on uterine and mammary blood flow and placental vascularization. During her undergraduate studies at Iowa State University she worked in the laboratories of Dr. Jason Ross, Dr. Howard Tyler and Dr. Jack Dekkers studying reproductive physiology, lactation biology and genetics respectively. She currently investigates the physiological influence of thioredoxin signaling during lung development and hyperoxic injury.

Alexandra Fairchild
Alex is a student at Augustana University majoring in biology and german with career interests in clinical practice and biomedical research. She was a 2016 NSF EPSCoR summer intern in the Vitiello laboratory investigating comparative efficacies of conditional recombination in lung epithelial cells of mice. Alex is currently responsible for genetic identification of transgenic mouse lines.



Lab Alumni

Eduardo Turcios, Undergraduate, SPUR (Summer 2017)
Xaviera Thomas, Undergraduate, HHMI Learn Scholar (Summer 2017)
Johnny Hoffman, High School Student, PROMISE Scholars (Summer 2016)
Emmanuel Fâlé, Undergraduate, NSF REU (Summer 2016)
Erika Hernandez, Undergraduate, HHMI Learn Scholar (Summer 2016)
Austin Ashbacher, Undergraduate, SPUR Program (Summer 2015)
Ryan Johnson, Undergraduate, Space Grant Consortium (Summer 2015)
Jasmeen Saini, Undergraduate, HHMI Learn Scholar (Summer 2015)
Darwin Daugaard, High School Teacher, SERF Program (Summers 2014 and 2015)
Wendy Guevara, Undergraduate, NSF REU (Summer 2014)
Danielle Jensen, Undergraduate, SPUR Program (Summer 2014)
Muhammad (Ali) Khan, MD, Cardiovascular Medical Fellow (2013)
Emily Weber, Undergraduate, SPUR Program (Summer 2013)
Ryan Wood, Undergraduate, NSF REU (Summer 2013)
Skyla Neuharth, High School Student, PROMISE Scholars (Summer 2013)
Michelle Booze, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow (2012-2016)
Teresa Maas, MD, Medical Scholar (2012-2015)
Michael Amolins, EdD, High School Teacher, SERF Program (Summers 2012 and 2013)
Shanna Baack, Research Assistant (2012)
Danielle Jensen, High School Student, PROMISE Scholars (Summer 2012)
Rathika Mallepally, Undergraduate, RISE-UP Program (Summer 2012)
Chanesse Schaefer, Undergraduate, BRIN (Summer 2012)
Miranda Floen, MD/PhD, Graduate Student (2011-14)
Cody Lensing, Undergraduate, SPUR Program (Summer 2011)
Brianna Titus, High School Student, PROMISE Scholars (Summer 2011)
Elliot Bloom, Undergraduate, SPUR Program (Summer 2010)