Equipment Request

The Sanford PROMISE believes every student should have access to the resources (quality teachers, relevant lessons, high-tech equipment, and mentors) to pursue careers in science and research. As a result, we are committed to sharing over $40,000 of resources and supplies with schools. Educators requesting equipment will be asked to sign a waiver for the supplies and are asked to return the equipment in the condition it was borrowed by the date negotiated to allow others to utilize the supplies. Failure to return in the condition it was borrowed in or if not returned in a timely manner may result in having future opportunities removed. All equipment must be reserved using the request form (link to form is below). First priority is always given to educators who have attended Sanford PROMISE educator workshops. All other equipment distribution is prioritized on a first come first serve basis linked to completion of the request forms.

Use the link to complete an equipment request. Please notify Sanford PROMISE if the request has a short deadline.

Bacterial Plates (specify Agar)

Bacterial samples


DNA Electrophoresis (Boxes, Power Supplies, and Imagers)

Electrophoresis Reagents (Agarose, Buffer, Staining solution)

Heat block


Imagining equipment (hood W/O UV, or UV imaging gear)


Microscope (Compound)

Microscope (Dissecting)

PCR equipment (Thermocycler and tubes)

Pipettes and tips


Reagents for Breast Cancer Proteomics

Reagents for DNA Extraction & Alu insert analysis

Reagents for DNA Extraction & Mitochondrial DNA Amplification

Reagents for DNA Extraction & PTC Genotyping and Phenotyping

Reagents for DNA Extraction & VNTR analysis

Reagents for Isolation and Purification of Bacterial DNA (Band purification/mini)

Reagents for Neimann Pick (Please identify if pre-pcr or post)

Reagents for Restriction Digest

Reagents for Transformation of Fluorescent Proteins


SDS-PAGE Equipment (western blotting setup)

Smart scopes (mounts for normal scopes to project to computer or monitor)



Vernier Sensor Software (contact us before filling out a request form for the first time)



Other (items may be available please contact us)