Sanford PROMISE Equipment Lending Library

Sanford Research believes every student should have access to the resources to pursue careers in science and research. As a result, Sanford PROMISE is committed to sharing over $40,000 of resources and supplies with schools. Educators at academic institutions across the Sanford Health footprint are provided access to the technology housed in the Sanford PROMISE Community Lab at no charge.

Equipment Request Form

Failure to return equipment on time, without damage may result in removal of future lending opportunities. All equipment must be reserved using the request form above. First priority is always given to educators who have attended Sanford PROMISE educator workshops.  All other equipment distribution is prioritized on a first-come first-served basis linked to completion of the request form. Homeschool educators are welcome to request equipment from the lending library.

For a list of activities and equipment available, please click here.

PROMISE Lending Library Main Contact:

Benjamin Benson
Research Education Specialist
(605) 312-6421