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Primary Research Group

Population Health



Dr. Zhao Bio

  • Assistant Research Scientist, Population Health Group

Academic Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

Research Research Focus

Dr. Jing Zhao’s work spans several major areas of biostatistics with the focus in developing statistically sound solutions to biomedical research problems. Her research interests can be categorized into two broad areas: statistical modeling in molecular phylogenetics and evolution and high-throughput omics data mining and modeling.

Current Projects

Sanford precision medicine-integrated individualized intelligent prescribing (I3P)

NIH U01 subcontract (PI: Wilke)

This project is aiming to quantify the clinical impact of genotyping drug related genes using cohort of Sanford patients. Novel statistical analysis will be performed to account for the lack of sufficient samples.

Role: Zhao, Co-Investigator

Investigating the Consequences of a Change in Testing Strategy for Clostridium difficile at Sanford

Sanford data initiative project (PI: Hoover)

This is a project to investigate the consequences of changes in testing strategy for Clostridium difficile using Sanford clinical data.

Role: Zhao, Statistician

Validation of the effectiveness of a measurement tool for addiction wellness

Collaborative project with Face It Together

The Recovering Capital Index (RCI) is composed of multiple domains with likert scale questions. The goal is to validate the reliability and model the predictive ability of this index in evaluating addiction wellness through correlation and longitudinal data analysis.

Role: Zhao, Statistician

Elucidation of gut microbial biomarkers of obesity based on an integrated metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analysis pipeline Sanford-South Dakota State University

Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program (PI: Ma)

The goal of this project is to test the associations of obesity phenotypes and the variability in human gut microbiome through the use of appropriate bioinformatics tools.

Role: Zhao, Co-Investigator


Contact Information

Phone: (605) 312-6468
Email: jing.zhao@sanfordhealth.org
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