Lab News

April 2018 Keith Miskimins co-authored a research manuscript in BMC Cancer demonstrating that high levels of cyclooxygenase-2 in breast cancer can be harnessed for metabolic synthesis of an anti-cancer molecule, 8-hydroxyoctanoic acid. “Knockdown delta-5-desaturase in breast cancer cells that overexpress COX-2 results in inhibition of growth, migration and invasion via a dihomo-γ-linolenic acid peroxidation dependent mechanism”  

February 2017, Keith Miskimins, PhD, co-authored a research article with Dr. Steven Qian from North Dakota State University titled “Inhibition of cancer migration and invasion by knocking down delta-5-desaturase in COX-2 overexpressed cancer cells” in Redox Biology. This study suggests a novel therapeutic strategy for chemoresistant cancers with increased expression of cyclooxygenase enzymes.