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Primary Research Group

Pediatrics & Rare Diseases

Secondary Research Group

Enabling Technologies


Dr. Pearce Bio

  • Executive Vice President of Innovation and Research, Sanford Health
  • Scientist, Pediatrics & Rare Diseases Group
Academic Affiliations
  • Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

Primary Research Focus

Research in the Pearce Lab is focused on understanding the molecular basis of several inherited pediatric neurodegenerative diseases including the infantile, late infantile and juvenile onset forms of Batten disease. Dr. Pearce and his team use mouse and miniature pig models of these rare, fatal diseases to reveal molecular and cellular pathomechanisms, to identify new therapeutic targets and to test new therapeutic approaches.

Lab Projects

Behavioral and pathological characterization of novel mouse models of the fatal neurodegenerative disorders, infantile, late infantile and juvenile Batten diseases

Testing various pharmacotherapeutic approaches in mouse models of infantile, late infantile and juvenile Batten diseases

Electrophysiological characterization of abnormalities in neurotransmission in mouse models of infantile, late infantile and juvenile Batten diseases

Pig models for Ataxia telangiectasia and Batten disease

Contact Information Positions Available

Phone: (605) 312-6412


Additional Information on Pearce Lab Research

Lecture on JNCL Research by Dr. David Pearce

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