Lab Members

Dave Pearce, PhD :: Scientist & Executive Vice President; Sanford Research

I am fortunate to guide the following individuals in our pursuit of understanding the molecular basis of lysosomal storage disorders such as Batten disease.

 Attila Kovács

Attila Kovács :: Assistant Research Scientist

I work on several projects including: a) behavioral characterization of new mouse models of infantile, late infantile and juvenile Batten disease; b) testing various pharmacotherapeutic approaches in mouse models of Batten disease; and c) electrophysiological characterization of abnormalities in neurotransmission in mouse models of Batten disease using acutely isolated brain slices and a microelectrode array system. The aim of the latter project is to better understand the pathomechanism of the disease and to identify new therapeutic targets.

Logan Langin

Logan Langin :: Senior Labratory Technician

I am responsible for many of the operational and logistical needs of the Pearce lab, supervision and management of the animal colonies, as well as oversight of various collaborations with other researchers inside and outside of Sanford Research. My current project includes behavioral, histological, and molecular characterization of a novel mouse model for JNCL with hopes for future therapeutic treatment study and development.


Vicki Swier :: Staff Scientist

I work on the development of the NF1 model in microswine as well as completing the characterization of the CLN2 and CLN3 microswine models.


Lab Alumni