Press Releases

Robin Roberts visits Sanford Research
Good Morning America highlights work of Sanford Health

Dr. David Pearce attends conference at the Vatican
Sanford Health selected for global cell-therapy event at Vatican

Sioux Falls Business Journal
Sanford Health Shares Brekthroughs in Research at Vatican Conference

Pig Model for Ataxia Telangiectasia
Sanford Research develops model for neurodegenerative disease

Sanford Research’s Pearce honored as Champion of Hope
Researcher is nominee for work with rare diseases

Dr. David Pearce gives TEDx talk in Sioux Falls
Researcher explored genetic diseases, society

What a Year!
What A Difference A Gene Makes    

ABC News Press Release:
Fatal Disease Takes Kids' Vision, Mobility

University of Rochester Press Release:
Rochester Now Offers Gene Test to Detect Deadly Childhood Disease 

Empathy, A Hunch, And A Touch of Yeast Add To Our Understanding Of Deadly Childhood Disease Research Unveils New Hope for Deadly Childhood Disease

Rochester Receives $1.2 Million to Battle Rare Childhood Disease    

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:
Rare disease brings families together

University of Rochester Press Release:
Rochester a Mecca for those Fighting Rare Childhood Disease

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stoke:
Study Finds Biochemical Defect in Juvenile Batten Disease

University of Rochester Press Release:
New Center Focuses on Rare, Fatal Childhood Disease   

NIH Press Releases:    
Study Finds Autoimmune Link In Juvenile Batten Disease  

Nature Genetics:
Yeastly Insight Into Batten's Disease  (the press release is the 5th one down)

University of Rochester Press Release:
Understanding How the Cellular "Garbage Disposal" Grinds to a Halt to Cause Rare, Fatal Childhood Disease