Alex Rabinovitch

Dr. Rabinovitch is the Todd & Linda Broin Chair and Director of the Sanford Project working to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Dr. Rabinovitch is also the Principal Investigator on clinical trials in patients recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The objective of these trials is to restore the patients’ own pancreatic insulin production by reviving and possibly regenerating their insulin-producing pancreatic islet beta cells, thereby reducing and possibly eliminating the need for insulin injections to control blood glucose levels. The first trial is treating patients with a combination of two medications (sitagliptin and lansoprazole) that Dr. Rabinovitch's laboratory has found to cure mice with type 1 diabetes. Our first clinical trial will determine if this treatment also may restore insulin production and possibly cure type 1 diabetes in patients. (Please see the ClinicalTrials.Gov for more details on this REPAIR-T1D trial).

Contact Information for Alex Rabinovitch, MD:

Alex Rabinovitch, MD 
Todd & Linda Broin Chair and Director of the Sanford Project
Sanford Health 

Sanford Research Center
2301 East 60th Street North
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: 605-312-6015