Lab Members

  Daniel Kota

Daniel is an Assistant Research Scientist part of the Cellular Therapies and Stem Cell Biology, Diabetes and Environmental Influences on Health and Diseases groups. Before joining Sanford, Dr. Kota completed a BS and MS in biology and molecular biology in Brazil, a PhD in medical sciences at Texas A&M University and a postdoctoral fellowship in neurotrauma at the University of Texas at Houston.

Jordan Dykstra

Jordan is a laboratory technician in the Regenerative Medicine lab. Jordan is involved with numerous projects including characterization of adipose tissue derived stromal vascular fraction, characterization and cellular therapy of a porcine model of Ataxia telangiectasia, cellular therapy for an articular injury mouse model and CLN6 mouse model. Jordan is also involved with cellular processing in the new clinical trial at Sanford Health using stromal vascular fraction in rotator cuff injuries. Jordan will begin medical school at the University of South Dakota-Sanford School of Medicine in July 2017.

  Thomas Hudson

Tom is originally from Sioux Falls and received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from South Dakota State University. He is currently working on developing a mouse model for mild traumatic brain injury with the hopes of using cellular therapy to treat affected individuals. After working at Sanford, he plans to attend graduate school in the fall of 2018.