August 2016, Dr. Pearce presented "Genetics 101" to Batten's families at the 2016 Batten Disease Support and Research Association Family Conference in St. Louis, MO.

June 2016, Drs. Peter Vitiello and David Pearce as well as CHRC adjunct faculty member Dr. Seasson Vitiello recently published a study entitled “Disruption of a cystine transporter downregulates expression of genes involved in sulfur regulation and cellular respiration” in the journal Biology Open.

December 2015, The Pearce team, including Dr. David Pearce, Dr. Attila Kovacs, and Jake Miller co-authored an article in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine entitled: “Tissue-specific variation in nonsense mutant transcript level and drug-induced read-through efficiency in the Cln1R151X mouse model of INCL.”

December 2015, The Pearce team, including Drs. David Pearce and Chun Chan as well as MD/PhD candidates Sam Hersrud and Ryan Geraets recently published an article entitled “Plasma Biomarkers for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis” in the journal FEBS.

October 2015, Drs. Attila Kovacs and David Pearce coauthored a manuscript entitled “Abnormally increased surface expression of AMPA receptors in the cerebellum, cortex and striatum of Cln3-/-” published in Neuroscience Letters.