Stephen Herrmann

Stephen Herrmann

Dr. Herrmann is the Director of Program Development & Training for Profile by Sanford. Dr. Herrmann completed his undergraduate studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and received his master's degree from the University of Northern Iowa. In addition, he earned his PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition & Wellness from Arizona State University followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in weight management from the Cardiovascular Research Institutes Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS.

Profile by Sanford is an evidence-based, comprehensive, behavioral approach to weight management program designed to improve nutrition, activity, and lifestyle behaviors. Our goal is to provide a scientifically sound program to guide individuals through all phases of weight management, oftentimes beginning with healthy weight loss and continuing to long-term, sustainable, weight loss maintenance.

Dr. Herrmann has research interests related to exercise and nutrition outcomes. More specifically, Dr. Herrmann is interested in understanding individual variability in response to exercise and diet interventions. For example, why do some people respond positively to exercise and diet interventions and lose weight while others do not.


Contact information for Stephen Herrmann:

Stephen Herrmann, PhD

Director, Program Development & Training
Profile by Sanford

Assistant Scientist, Sanford Children's Health Research Center
Sanford Research

1305 W 18th Street, PO Box 5039
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5039
Office: 605.679.7402
Fax: 605.496.7179


March 2017 Stephen Hermann, PhD, co-authored a research article in Preventative Medicine with Dr. Richard Washburn of the University of Kansas Medical Center. This study assessed an elementary school curriculum that integrates academic instruction with physical activity to simultaneously improve student achievement and health."Physical activity and academic achievement across the curriculum: Results from a 3-year cluster-randomized trial". 

December 2016 Dr. Stephen Hermann recently published an article in the American Journal of Human Biology entitled "The influence of physical characteristics on the resting energy expenditure of youth: A meta-analysis." The results support a more accurate method to estimate the amount of energy required by the body over 24 hours during resting conditions.