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Sanford Research - Victoria Grey OwlVictoria Grey Owl, PhD, RD, Health Outcomes & Prevention Research Center Associate Scientist, has research interests in the areas nutrition science, diet quality and dietary intake, and their role in  chronic diseases/conditions specifically in regards to Type 2 diabetes and obesity in adults and youth, including weight management, education and health promotion.  

Currently Dr. Grey Owl is a Co-Core Director and Primary Investigator for the Center for Health Research with Aberdeen Area Tribes: Community Partnership and Outreach Core. This is a NCMHD Exploratory Centers of Excellence grant’s Community Outreach Project to Prevent and Reduce Obesity in Children.  This project encompasses utilizing Tribally-based/CBPR methodology, information and education on the prevention of childhood obesity; and information sharing between this project’s communities, the research teams, and the Aberdeen Area region to assist in development of Tribal capacity to continue addressing this health disparity. 

Her prior research involved working with communities in South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana on similar studies involving diabetes self-management education, weight management for people with diabetes, prevention of childhood obesity, and breast and cervical cancer screening among Tribes in Wyoming.

One of Dr. Grey Owl’s main projects is GOOD VIBRATIONS FOR HEALTHY NATIONS!

Community Need Assessments and Health Promotion Interventions to Prevent and/or Reduce Childhood Overweight and Obesity

  • In Collaboration with Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board
  • Community Advisory Group at each site reviews and evaluates their needs assessment and chooses their health promotion intervention based on the information obtained within the community and additional resources
  • Identify key personnel in community to assist with both phases and coordinate community and school program activities with health promotion efforts; prepare curriculum for the education piece of the health promotion


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