Center Leadership

The primary goal of the Phase II COBRE is to build upon the critical mass of basic science and translational cancer researchers that has been developed during Phase I funding of the Cancer Biology Research Center. Phase II will focus on cancer research with direct translational relevance to human patients. The COBRE grant provides support for five investigators with a continued focus on cancer research. There will be an emphasis on head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and the importance of the immune system in treatment of patients with this disease.

A second theme of childhood cancers will be developed over the period of Phase II funding. A major goal of this award is to allow the COBRE investigators to develop independent, funded, and nationally recognized research programs. The grant will also support the training of students and post-doctoral fellows. Pilot research projects and a seminar program are expected to enhance interactions with cancer researchers throughout our region. In addition, core laboratory facilities are supported that will enhance the productivity of COBRE investigators.

Overall, we expect to become well established in the areas of head and neck cancer and childhood cancers, thus being competitive for program project type funding that will bring long term stability to our center. In this pursuit, we expect to further develop our expertise that allows basic discoveries to be translated into clinical trials in human cancer patients.


W. Keith Miskimins, PhD
Principal Investigator

   External Advisory Committee





Molecular Pathology Core
Director: Kristi A. Egland, PhD

Flow Cytometry Core
Director: Alexei Savinov, PhD

Project leaders and other faculty in the Center for Cancer Biology Research also have regular access to the Imaging Core, Molecular Biology Core, and Protein Biochemistry Core.