Collection Methods, Management and Analysis of Data 

Mission: To provide assistance with research projects including planning and designing research studies, data collection and management, data analysis, and interpretation and presentation of results.

Vision: The vision of the COMMAND Core is to develop and expand the research infrastructure and capacity of the Sanford Health System and its partners by providing research design, data management, and data analysis expertise.

Contact Information:
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Valerie Bares, PhD
Senior Biostatistician


Core Services

Beginning of Project:

  • Study Design
  • Power and Sample Size Calculations
  • Database Creation and Management

Data Analysis:

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Data
  • Summary of Reports and Graphics

Dissemination and Data Housing:

  • Targeted Presentation
    (New Study & Existing Data)
  • Assist with Manuscript Writing and Revising
  • Data Security Consultation
  • Data Sharing Methods