Imaging Core

The goal of the Imaging Core is to provide a centralized resource of expertise, equipment and technical capabilities that cover a variety of microscopy-based techniques and methods, data acquisition and analysis for Sanford Research scientists. The Core has developed detailed standard operating protocols and provides its users with the meticulous assistance pertaining to the brightfield and conventional fluorescent microscopy as well as confocal and TIRF imaging of live and fixed samples. We also make readily available our expertise in multiple data analyzes software systems. By providing these in-house services, the Core directly interfaces with the investigators during project design, protocol establishment, troubleshooting and execution as well as helps to organize any further analysis outside of the core. The purpose of the Imaging Core is to support the goals of its users, namely independent scientists seeking to uncover the mechanisms of human health and disease.

Contact Information:
Email: Imaging Core

Jill Weimer, PhD
Director of Imaging Core
Indra Chandrasekar, PhD
Associate Director of Imaging Core

Kelly Graber
Senior Research Associate, Core Technical Contact

Imaging Core Services:

  • Training on proper use of Imaging Core equipment and software.
  • Help acquiring live and fixed cell images
  • Assistance in processing and analyzing image files using NIS Elements imaging software
  • Technical assistance when using specialized imaging procedures (FRET, TIRF, etc)
  • Consultation on imaging projects
  • Troubleshooting imaging issues