Protein Biochemistry Core

Sanford Research - Protein Biochemistry Core The primary function of the Protein Biochemistry Core is to enable investigators to successfully utilize the BioID method to screen for protein associations in live cells. We also provide assistance with gel-based protein separation, western immunoblotting, gel/membrane imaging. This core is supported by NIH P20 GM103620 as a component of the Center for Pediatric Research.

Contact Information:
Email: Protein Biochemistry Core

Kyle Roux, PhD
Director, Protein Biochemistry Core
Gaya Shivega, BA Gaya Shivega, BA
Research Associate
Danielle May, MS Danielle May, MS
Research Associate


BioID is a new method to screen for candidate protein-protein interactions based on proximity-dependent biotinylation BioID Resources. The core will provide assistance with project design, testing of BioID-fusion proteins, establishment and testing of cells expressing BioID-fusion proteins, large scale BioID pull-downs, arranging for candidate identification by mass spectrometry and data analysis. 


  • Fluorescent Imaging
    The proteomics core operates a GE Healthcare Typhoon Trio+ multi-mode fluorescent imaging system equipped with 3 lasers at 488 nm, 532 nm, and 635 nm. This instrument is also equipped with 6 emission filters covering a wide range of popular fluorescent dyes in common use today.