Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Program

Laboratory Safety

The EHS program is a comprehensive approach to best safety practices for our work environment. The program covers all relevant government and sponsor regulations and guidelines, including but not limited to: OSHA, EPA, and NIH. These regulations along with industry standards are used to create the policies and trainings that give our workers the knowledge that they need to do their job safely.


Institutional BioSafety Committee (IBC)

Sanford Research IBC follows guidelines set by the NIH for the review of all research involving recombinant DNA (rDNA) or Human Gene Transfer. Our IBC is registered with the NIH and meets regularly to ensure the research being done at Sanford complies with all NIH guidelines.


Radiation Safety

Sanford Research has a Nuclear Regulatory Commission broad scope and development licenses, as defined in 10 CRF 30.4. This license allows investigators to use materials regulated by the NRC in research and development, animal studies and student training. Sanford Research NRC license number is 40-02331-20.

Sanford Research Radiation Protection Program is monitored and overseen by a committee. The committee reports to the Executive Vice President Innovation and Research. Standard operating procedures, use permits, and oversight of the program is provided by the committee.


All Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Program policies can be found on Policy Tech.