Grants Administration

General Purpose

Grants Administration centralizes and coordinates grant-related functions for Sanford Research and Sanford Health through:

  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Support of Principal Investigators and Program Directors with preparation and submission of grant proposals
  • Provide updates on the latest grant policies
  • Monitoring of grant activities for all contracts and grants awarded form external funding sources
  • Support of those individuals already engaged in grant procurement


Primary Responsibilities

Grants Administration:

  • Serves as the coordinating entity for Sanford Research and Sanford Health grant proposals and grant awards
  • Develops and coordinates grant proposals that address Sanford Initiatives and community needs
  • Serves as a resource to identify and secure grant funding for services and operations
  • Coordinates monthly reporting of grant activity




Contact Information
Office of Grants & Contracts
Sanford Research
Sanford Center
2301 East 60th Street North
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0569