Institutional Biological Safety

The Institutional Biosafety Committee reviews registrations for Recombinant DNA, Pathogens, Infectious Agents, Biological Toxins, and Human Gene Therapy/Pathogen Clinical Trials as mandated by the National Institutes of Health and/or Sanford Research Standard Operating Policies (SOPs). The full IBC meets monthly for discussion and voting on policies and BioRaft Reports.

Each investigator is responsible for registering research materials and describing the protocols in which they will be used in their lab’s BioRaft report. This rule applies to all independent investigators. Collaborators may not "piggy-back" on each others' registrations. Postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate/summer interns and research associates are covered by the registrations of their Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator is ultimately responsible for the registration, training, and safe handling of research materials handled by their personnel.

Policies can be found on SanfordConnect.
IBC001                       IBC Charge and Authority
IBC 002                      Committee Composition
IBC 003                      IBC Registration Process
IBC 004                      Relations to IACUC/IRB
IBC 102                      Biological Cabinet Operations
IBC 103                      Biological Incident and Spill Clean-up Procedure
IBC 105                      Biohazardous Wastes
IBC 107                      Biological Safety Program
IBC 111                       Exposure Control Plan
IBC 112                      Shipping of Dangerous Goods
IBC 107A                   Biological Risk Assessment
IBC 112A                   Biological Substance Cat B Shipment Worksheet
IBC 112B                   Patient Specimen Shipment Worksheet
IBC 112C                   Genetically Modified Shipment Worksheet
IBC 112D                   Dry Ice Only Shipment Worksheet
Best Lab Practices
August 2010               Glove use in common areas