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Over 300 clinical trials are available right now at Sanford Health. Learn more.
Today’s best treatments were yesterday’s clinical trials
Over 300 clinical trials are available right now at Sanford Health. Learn more.

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Sanford Research is a non-profit research organization that is a part of Sanford Health, the largest rural, not-for-profit health care system in the nation. Transformational gifts by Denny Sanford have propelled Sanford Research in its goal of becoming a world class research institution. Sanford Research has sought to establish a core of scientists that are studying disease at a fundamental level with the expectation that these current efforts will pay off in the future by advancing disease therapy and prevention.


With a team of over 200 researchers, Sanford Research is comprised of eight groups that bridge bench, translational and clinical research including: Cancer Biology and Immunotherapies, Pediatrics and Rare Diseases, Diabetes, Cellular Therapies and Stem Cell Biology, Enabling Technology, Environmental Influences on Health and Disease, Genetics and Genomics, and Population Health.

  • The Wisdom Study launches at Sanford

    This study evaluates the best screening approach for breast cancer: annual or personalized screening.

    Learn More

  • Opioid study launches at Sanford Health

    Clinical study to determine if non-opioid medications are as effective in pain management after carpal-tunnel surgery. Learn more.

    Learn More

  • Initial findings from patient care data project released

    Dakota universities create algorithms to determine patient behaviors, suggest interventions

    Learn More

  • Clinical trial uses genetically engineer virus to fight cancer

    Sanford Health first in nation to launch Phase I of the Vyriad viro-immunotherapy trial

    Learn More

  • FDA-approved clinical trial tests stem cells to heal wounds

    Sanford Health expands its cellular therapy program with second clinical trial

    Learn More

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