K-12 Students

Biomedical Research Investigations Program
Are you curious about what it’s like to be a laboratory scientist?  The Biomedical Research Investigations Program at the Kirby Science Discovery Center is a unique opportunity for middle and high school students sponsored by Sanford Research and the Washington Pavilion.  Students engage in life science research by performing hands-on laboratory activities based on authentic scientific questions led by actual scientists.

Research Shadowing Program
The Research Shadowing Program is an observational program allowing college students and high school students sixteen years of age or older to shadow a scientist during part of their routine day in one of our research labs.  After shadowing within our research environment, students should develop an appreciation for some of the qualities required for a career as a research scientist.

PROMISE Scholars Program
Are you looking for a unique summer experience?  Do you have a passion for science and are now thinking about pursuing a college degree in science?  Consider applying to be a Sanford PROMISE Scholar.  This unique research internship is designed to offer intellectually curious, highly motivated high school students with a strong aptitude in the biomedical sciences a total-immersion experience in laboratory research.  This program allows select applicants to experience an eight-week summer internship in a research laboratory at Sanford Research.  Each intern will have his or her own research project, working alongside scientists in a premier research environment.  Students will learn invaluable research skills, as well as enhance their resume for college applications.  At the culmination of the program, students will prepare a scientific poster for presentation at the Sanford Research summer student symposium.

The Sanford PROMISE Community Lab, Sanford Center, Sioux Falls, SD
In the heart of Sanford Research lies a state-of-the-art research lab that provides research space and equipment resources for the community. Public and private groups are welcome to utilize the space for research endeavors. Hands-on activities can be facilitated by the PROMISE team or the equipment in the lab space may be used for activities/projects developed by our guests under the supervision of PROMISE scientists.