Sanford PROMISE K-12 Science Exploration

Student Experiences

Join us in the Sanford PROMISE Community Lab
Tailored, hands-on experiences in the heart Sanford’s working research facility. Students teachers, and community groups are invited to learn about our research and what it takes to be a scientist.

Celebrate Science at the It's All About Science Festival
Visit to learn more about this annual celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Explore Sanford Research with your school

Elementary Inquiries
Sanford's youngest scientists participate in hands-on activities, a walk-through of the research lab and complete connected activities before and after their visit in their classrooms.

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Middle Level Biomedical Exploration
Making science accessible to all future scientists means having opportunities for large groups of middle school students to visit us. Groups of over 100 middle school students attend together to experience hands-on activities, biomedical science trivia, and connect with a scientist as they tour the research lab.

Click here for Middle Level Biomedical Exploration Sessions for 2018/19

Science Discovery Days
Full-day program that exposes high school sophomores and juniors to scientific techniques and skills through career presentations, hands-on activities and exhibits from area industries and universities. Regional scientists, organizations, and universities are invited to exhibit or present at the event.

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See what it's like to be a scientist:

PROMISE Scholars
Immersive research experience where rising high school seniors receive laboratory training and mentorship in one of Sanford's research labs. Scholarships and undergraduate and graduate course credits provided.

Click here for more information and to apply for the 2019 cohort of Sanford PROMISE Scholars.

Research Shadowing
Students age 16 and older connect directly with a research team and explore the qualities required for a career as a research scientist.

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Biomedical Research Investigations
This extended topic workshop series is designed for Middle and High School aged students.

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