The Sanford PROMISE Research Shadowing Program

The Sanford PROMISE Research Shadow program is designed to allow high school and college students (16 years of age and older) the opportunity to explore career options that exist within research. Students will spend time with research staff during part of their routine day in one of our biomedical research laboratories located in Sioux Falls, SD. After shadowing within our research environment, students should have an appreciation for some of the qualities required for a career in science and research. This is not a training program; the goal is for the student to experience the workplace setting as well as the duties performed by research staff in our biomedical research lab.

Research shadowing application forms must be completed in detail and submitted to Sanford Outreach.  Participants must understand and agree to the conditions outlined in the Release & Participation Agreement form. Research shadow opportunities are available in the Research Groups:
Please click on the group links above for more information on each specific groups research interest. You must list specific groups that you are interested in shadowing. One letter of recommendation from a professor or teacher is required for participation. The professor or teacher will be emailed a recommendation form upon receipt of your completed application.
After review of the application and recommendation, you will be notified of your status. All shadows are setup as a single 2 hour block without recurrence. All participants will be asked to sign orientation, safety, security, HIPAA, and confidentiality forms prior to starting their shadow experience. Participants will also be required to complete an evaluation form.
The laboratory area contains potential hazards and as a shadowing student, you have not completed the training necessary to authorize you to work with these hazards. Therefore, the shadowing experience is purely observational. Please dress appropriately and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (provided for you during your experience) to prevent any potential lab-related injuries due to your proximity to hazards in the laboratory environment.

For more information, please contact:

(605) 312-6590