Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research

Translational Genomics Network

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research at Sanford Research is pursuing cutting-edge forward genomic research to identify speci­fic treatments that will work best for each woman, prevent the disease on an individual basis, and ultimately eradicate breast cancer. As part of Sanford Health, the largest rural non-profit health care system in the nation, we can integrate research and patient care so that information flows seamlessly— translational genomic research discoveries are accelerated into clinical applications, such as new treatments and diagnostics to benefi­t patients, and clinical data about patient response flows back to the labs to inform more discoveries.

National Hub Where Discoveries are Shared

High-caliber collaborations, including a recently announced partnership with The Scripps Research Institute, are positioning Edith Sanford as a national hub for breast cancer genomic research, where brilliant scienti­fic minds will have access to the most innovative tools, technology and infrastructure in the country. We will share our ­findings freely, accelerating the entire field toward cures for breast cancer.